Friday, December 16, 2011

Sluggish Morning Run

Time: 69:38
Distance: 16.01k
Pace: 4:21/k

I got out the door this morning and ran around the Marblehead neck twice. The big event on my schedule today was taking my beloved VW Jetta Sportwagen in for its 40k service. I haven't even had the whip for 2 years yet and I already have over 40k on the workhorse. I plan to keep it for quite some time so I gots to be taking good care of it.

I thought about running again in the afternoon, but decided not to when Meagan got home with her parents. We played host and went out to dinner at The Barnacle. It was my first time in my favorite bar that I've never gone to and I guess it lived up to its reputation. I definitely wanted it to be sketchier and more blue collar, but the surf and turf was pretty good.

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