Thursday, December 1, 2011

KNA Salesman Run

Time: 90:22
Distance: 18.18k
Pace: 4:58

This morning we met up at the Inn at Endicott College for a run into Beverly Farms and around some of the nicest homes on the North Shore. We started out with a big crew of about 10 sales reps from around the country and Canada and our CEO. Meagan and I had already logged about 20 minutes of running prior to meeting up with everyone so we were properly warmed up for our blistering 5:00/k paced run. It was fun to catch up with Keith from the Pacific Northwest and Jim from Colorado who is new to Craft and Karhu.

We ran out to a small neighborhood with huge homes along the water. One home or estate actually had a separate garage for all of the owner's cars. The garage was more than 400m from the home and was the size of many of the other homes in the community. It easily could hold more than 30 cars and I can only imagine the collectors items he had inside.

During the return trip, the group broke up and Meagan and I ran ahead to add on a little extra once back at the site of the actual sales meeting. It was a good long day of meetings after already having prepped the office for a gathering tonight. Sleep and training has taken a backseat for a couple of days.

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