Sunday, December 4, 2011

Week in Review

Time: 708:17
Distance: 149.58

It was a busy week of traveling up to Maine and New Hampshire to start the week. The Karhu CEO and I visited the Maine Running Co. and EMS to show the FW12 footwear line. The rest of the week was spent getting ready for, attending and breaking down the sales meeting. It was productive and fun to see the Craft apparel that I don't work with much anymore. The samples look fantastic for all of the collections from run to nordic to bike. I'm excited to try some of the concept pieces that I'll have to place a personal order for come winter.

The training was secondary this week, but I was still able to log acceptable workouts. My track workout on Tuesday will have me somewhat prepared for the Indie 5k down at The Running Event. I got in some more pace work during Meagan's 10 mile tempo where I alternated 2k and 1k. The only real niggle I have right now is my upper left hamstring that I think is due to all of the driving. I have been sitting on a tennis ball most days and always have one in the car when I'm on the road. It provides some relieve and makes the double run much more enjoyable. I have to keep an eye on it as the weather gets cold so it doesn't present additional problems heading into the new year.

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