Saturday, December 3, 2011

BAA Workout in Boston

Time: 107:31
Distance: 25.46k

W/u: 17:16 for 3.29k
W/o: Run Meagan's 16k tempo (10 miles) while doing 2k w/ group, 1k hard
C/d: 27:05 for 5.41k

Meagan and I drove into Boston this morning to meet up with some of the BAA women and their coach, Terry Shea. I had put on Meagan's schedule a 10 mile tempo at 6:05 to 6:10 pace which was similar to a workout Emily Kroshus (formerly of Princeton) would be doing. This morning we would also be having the company of former Stanford standout, Teresa McWalters, joining us for a loop around the Charles. I didn't get in my workout yesterday, so I would be running 2k with the group and then accelerating for 1k, backing off to let the group catch me and repeat.

After a brief warm up we made our way to the start of the loop with the agreement to start with a relaxed opening mile. Off the line the group was crawling. It felt like we were all just out for a run and not there to put in work. I was immediately in front by about 5 meters and soon backed off so as to not be labeled a half-stepper. We split the opening kilometer just over 4 minutes and the mile around 6:25. The pace picked up soon after their first marker and we were running strong as a group.

The second kilometer beep came and I took off with a quickened stride hoping to run somewhere between 3:00 and 3:07/k. My plan for a workout within a workout was going well as the group would catch up to me after about 500 meters of easy running. I would resume with the group until it was time to pick up the pace again.

Since Meagan had a group to run with, I didn't feel as obligated to set the pace or ensure she was hitting the appropriate splits. She looked strong running behind Emily who would add on an extra loop for a great workout after a really short warm up.

Splits (mine):

Avg Pace

I'm pleased with my ability to change gears so to speak and run a respectable pace. Aerobically I felt really good the entire way and my legs felt a little more accustomed to the pace than in previous workouts. My 5 hard 1ks ended up being 3:08.2, 3:04.7, 3:04.9, 3:02.3, and 3:01.7. My overall average ended up being the same as Meagan's as we both ended together at the 16.76 mark (roughly 10.4 miles). Two workouts in the right direction for our respective training plans.

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