Thursday, December 29, 2011

MRN's Last Big Trials Workout

Time: 98:31
Distance: 23.65 km

W/u: 16:09 for 3.40 km
W/o: 3 x 1 km @ 3:45/km (1 min rest), 10 km tempo @ 3:50/km (3 min rest), 3 x 1 km @ 3:40/km (90 sec rest)
C/d: 11:48 for 2.46 km

On the drive from San Francisco to the SFO airport I got a call from United saying our flight had been canceled. With no other flights arriving in or near Palm Springs before midnight, we opted to travel to San Jose to stay with my aunt Emily. In the morning we would use the bike path that runs between San Jose and Los Gatos as the site of Meagan's last big workout before traveling to Houston.

On tap was a workout consisting of 3 opening kilometers at marathon pace to get the body into a rhythm. Next would be a 10 km tempo just above marathon pace to to add some distance and get used to running fast without exerting or pushing too hard. We would end with 3 kilometer repeats at just below marathon pace to practice running somewhat fast while being somewhat tired.

Here's how it went...

3 x 1 km - 3:43.63 (62), 3:41.02 (61), 3:50.81 (2:01);
10 km tempo - 3:51.2, 3:54.1, 3:52.5, 3:48.4, 3:51.5, 3:49.7, 3:46.7, 3:48.1, 3:47.1, 3:46.0 (3:02);
3 x 1 km - 3:36.47 (91), 3:41.18 (91), 3:36.05
Total - 70:34 for 17.79 km and 3:58/km average

...pretty well. Like really well. The splits aren't overly impressive from a speed standpoint, but the comfort level at which Meagan hit those times was amazing. She was sharp right off the line on the opening 3 kilometers, the third of which included a slight detour due to a missed bridge crossing. No real worry on it showing up a little slow. The 10k tempo is what impressed me the most as at multiple times she verbally announced that, "I'm bored." I think the total time of the 10 km was around 38:15 which would have been her PR in 2008. The final 3 kilometers really showed her fitness as the pace was quicker than prescribed and yet she didn't sound any more exhausted. She was recovering within 30 seconds and hitting mid-3:30s with ease.

For the last real workout before the Trials, I think she's more than ready to have a great race.

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