Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Arrival in Providence

Time: 57:13
Distance: 12.07k
Pace: 4:44/k

I had accounts visits and showings at Westchester Road Runner and Sound Runner this afternoon which meant an evening arrival to Providence. The boys at Barnes weren't around when I arrived so I suited up and headed down Lloyd. My legs were stiff and it was cold making a bad combination for running. I shuffled down the hill and now can see my opening kilometer was nearly at 6:00/k pace. I hope that is an error and not the pace I was actually running. I almost believe that I was running that slow.

I headed down to the Blackstone Blvd. and ran just across the border into Pawtucket. I started feeling decent around the halfway mark and the pace began to pick up. The boulevard was somewhat busy with after work runners and walkers. It was good to be back in Providence even if I felt sluggish and slow.

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