Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gearing Up for the Trials

Time: 102:38
Distance: 23.71k

W/u: 20:26 for 4.01k
W/o: 3 x 20 minutes with 3-5 minutes rest. First half of each interval at 10k-21k pace, second half at marathon pace.
C/d: 12:32 for 2.67k

I reviewed Meagan's training schedule and wasn't thrilled with what I originally wrote down several weeks ago so I reached out to my former teammate Jeff Gaudette. We chatted a bit about his online coaching business and Meagan's training. He got the sense that I wanted Meagan to touch on all systems during this workout so he suggested doing something where she would run hard at the start of the interval and then back off to marathon pace the second half to practice clearing the system of lactate. It also teaching running fast and relaxed (marathon pace) while tired.

The workout would consist of running three 20 minute segments with ample recovery in between. The focus would be on running hard for the first 10 minutes and then falling back into a rhythm of marathon pace. I wanted the loop to be as flat and fast as possible, but the best we could do was the first part of the neck loop. The first 2k is perfectly flat with the wind at your back and then there is a climb and false flat. First seven minutes would be ideal, next minute would be tough and then two more minutes of hard running before getting the chance to "recover."

Interval #1 (5.38k total): Meagan was ready to roll despite it still being dark and having a minimal warm up. I took out the pace and she ran right beside me almost wanting to pick it up. She fell a half step behind and let me bring her through the opening kilometers right on pace. Given the hour, I wasn't too concerned with pace and just wanted it to be around 3:40/k. The hillier third kilometer was covered at an honest effort (3:46 pace) which would be the fastest on the day.

The second half of the interval was a little over marathon pace, but nothing to be concerned about. Everything was in control and it was windy heading back to the start line. The loop provided a long downhill section right at the start of the recovery period. Meagan sounded comfortable a step behind.

(4:30 recovery)

Interval #2 (5.36k total): The second interval started out a bit quicker than the first through the opening 2 kilometers. Due to more fatigued legs Meagan climbed the hill a little slower, but not by much. Her recovery section was a little slower with the two closing kilometer splits at 3:52. Not terrible, but they could have been a few seconds faster. She was still running strong and in control so I wasn't worried.

(5:00 recovery)

Interval #3 (5.41k total): The final interval was certainly the toughest for Meagan, but she continued with a strong effort. The opening kilometers were the slowest on the day, but I think the wind had shifted a bit. She made up for it by running the fast recovery splits on the morning. The final 20 minutes were probably run closer to a tempo effort based on pace, but there was certainly a different outlook on each when viewing the first half as hard and the second as easy.

We ended up covering a little more than 10 miles in less than 70 minutes even when including the long rest periods.


Avg Pace

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