Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Breaking Dawn

Time: 68:36
Distance: 16.02k
Pace: 4:17

Per Meagan's comments last night about struggling to hit mileage and recover in the last few weeks leading up to the Trials, I came up with a plan that would allow her some extra time in the morning. She runs to work cutting out the 20-30 minutes in the car. I would bring her work clothes that she could change into after showering in our locker room.

This meant it was an early morning for me to fit in 16k before heading off. I got up around 5 AM and drank some coffee to wake the body up before venturing out the door to run two loops around the neck. I was feeling good the second half of the run and the pace gradually picked up. There are familiar faces out in Marblehead that I see during my runs, but I don't know them personally. A group of three guys with 01945 (zip code) hats on walk every morning no matter the weather. I've started saying morning to them even though I think their hats are a bit pretentious.

Finishing up near the house I ran into Meagan who was just heading out. We would meet up at the offices which took her long to run to than they should have. I think she underestimated the distance and spent too much running around Marblehead at the start. The gross factor? She didn't end up using those clothes I brought to work for her to wear. She sat is stinky, sweaty, running gear all day. The benefits of working at a running company I guess.

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