Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Santa Rosa Bike Path

Time 75:03
Distance: 16.93k
Pace: 4:26/k

Since Meagan would not be running in Annadel again this trip, we opted to stay close to my mom's and run along a creek bike path. I haven't run along the creek in many years, but it provides a paved, flat and uninterrupted route for an out and back run. Most importantly it's free of rocks.

It felt good to run flat and easy today as my legs are a little beat up from the downhills in Annadel. The weather has been more than ideal since we've been in California. The morning temps have definitely been chilly but after 15 minutes of running it's perfect weather for shorts, a t-shirt and gloves. Sometimes I wonder why I don't move back to California and then I remember gas is $3.75 per gallon, homes cost $400k, the state budget is non-existent and there are Mexicans everywhere.

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