Monday, December 26, 2011

Running with Nelson Mwangi

Time: 72:50
Distance: 16.10k
Pace: 4:31

After posting about our run on Facebook yesterday, Nelson Mwangi who Meagan and I know from Queens in Charlotte, commented about running along the American River. He was interested in meeting up for a run and that's exactly what we did. Instead of turning left and heading in the direction of the Nimbus Fish Hatchery, we turned right and ran along the river toward downtown. It was great catching up with the little Kenyan who is now the assistant coach at American River Junior College which he attended prior to Queens. The team is definitely doing well as they recently won the JuCo State Meet, the biggest race of the year and it's the first time a team from Nor Cal had took home top honors. I'm sure Nelson played a role in the team's success this year.

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