Saturday, December 31, 2011

Palm Springs Long Run

Time: 133:09
Distance: 31.01 km
Pace: 4:18/km

Meagan and I headed out the door a little later than planned for a long run around Palm Springs. We didn't have a particular route in mind and I knew the run would involve some piecing together neighborhoods in the north part of town. We ended up finding ourselves near Ruth Hardy Park and getting a drink of water as we are unaccustomed to running in 70+ degree weather right now. I'm not complaining as it will most likely be snowy when we return to the east coast.

After taking a trip through Little Tuscany and the Historic Tennis Club neighborhoods, we ran back to a local running shop looking for water. No dice. How can a running store in the middle of the desert not have a drinking fountain? Luckily we scored some water at the bike store at the other end of the shopping center.

Feeling a bit refreshed we started heading back in the direction of home. We parted ways around the 25 km mark and I started to drop the pace. There was only one split that I would consider aggressive at the 29 km mark, I took off seeing what I could put down. Feeling relaxed and strong in my stride I was able to run a 3:09 km. Not setting the world on fire, but it was nice knowing I was controlled in running that type of effort that late in a run.

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