Monday, December 19, 2011

Marblehead Shuffle

Time: 40:49
Distance: 8.05k
Pace: 5:05

Meagan and I ran a slow shuffle this evening over to Village and completed a few laps on the track. It was chilly but not terrible. She seemed pretty tired and ready to wrap things up so we headed back home to grab some dinner.

The one thing I remember about the run were Meagan's comments about hitting mileage. On one hand she stated it will be difficult to hit her weekly total (100-105 miles) while on the other hand she feels outclassed by other women hitting 115+ during the week. Training back in Charlotte was nice as we could enjoy runs later in the day, but that's not the case anymore. I think it's most frustrating when women of Meagan's caliber (2:40+) have the luxury to train full time, take naps, and recover properly after workouts. Fortunately, she has balanced hitting high mileage while adjusting to working in the office. The time of the year doesn't help when you're rising before the sun to fit in the morning run and heading back out the door once the sun has set. I bet if I put 120 miles on the schedule she could hit that mark, but if you're going to train at that level you better be running mid-2:30s.

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