Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Meagan's Last Workout Before the Trials

Time: 74:15
Distance: 17.28 km

W/u: 25:35 for 5.70 km
W/o: 2 x 8 mins (w/ 2 mins rest), 3 x 400m
C/d: 17:50 for 3.91 km

Yesterday before calling off the workout, I wanted Meagan to do 2 x 10 mins with a couple of minutes rest and then a few 400s just to open up the gait. Since it was a day later, I shortened the workout a little. The idea was to run around 6 minute pace as comfortably as possible and get a feel for what the pace on Saturday should feel like. The final 400s were intended just to inject some speed, open the stride without stressing the system too much.

3:44. 29, 3:41.13, :32 (at 3:55/km pace);
3:40.73, 3:44.67, :38 (at 3:30/km pace);
1:25.45 (3:21/km pace), (91);
1:20.58 (3:16/km pace), (1:42);
1:22.33 (3:18/km pace) for 30:50 total and 7.67 km

Meagan nailed the final workout as was expected. I was a little concerned with how her legs would feel after only running 6 miles yesterday, but she sounded fine on the opening 8 minute efforts. Her breathing was relaxed, her gait didn't look thrown off by her sore left foot and she had a strong arm carry. She was working on the 400s, but didn't sound strained. She's ready to roll come Saturday.

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