Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Beat the Snow Storm

Time: 37:21
Distance: 8.68km
Pace: 4:18/km

I was going to take the day off but snow is schedule to hit Massachusetts. If the mild winter trend is going to continue, then I'll be able to run tomorrow, but the natives have been telling me that there will be 4-6 inches on the ground in the morning.

Meagan got back from her pre-race workout and I had a break in the work day. I laced up the Karhu kicks and shuffled out the door to find a cool 8 kilometers. My hamstring is feeling significantly better, but there is still a slight hitch in my giddy up. I think it's a weakness in my glute or back. I see the chiro on Friday for a little bone bending and ART.

I was home for about an hour before the flurries started. We'll see who is right this time... the natives who watch the news or the California kid who believes the mild trend will continue.

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