Sunday, February 26, 2012

Windy Sunday in Marblehead

Time: 52:18
Distance: 12.03km
Pace: 4:21/km

I got out the door looking to put in about 10km but wound up with 12km. I was feeling pretty good and closely monitoring my banged up right side. The hamstring is starting to feel a bit better, but I can tell there is still some scar tissue in there. I've been working hard to massage, stretch, strengthen as much as possible these days. The discomfort only comes when I am running right when my right hamstring extends and is about to hit the ground.

It's a bit strange because I can do drills will no signs of any discomfort. High knees, butt kicks, skips don't cause any awkward sensations. It's just when I drive up my knee (lift), extend my hamstring and start to snap my leg back toward the ground. Just before my right leg makes contact with the ground, I feel the "difference" in my stride. At this stage in the game it's not really painful, just not "right." I'm getting there...

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