Tuesday, February 28, 2012

OK Runner's Rebel: Scotty D

Updated: 2/28/12 6:37 PM to include Deadspin Article

If you happen to find this site looking for the OK Runner store that is located in Norman, Oklahoma then you're probably  looking for more information on my buddy Scotty D. Sorry to disappoint, but this is not the store website, but it will have my thoughts on that rebel Scott Downard.

However, OK Runner is where I got my start in the running industry. I worked there while doing some graduate work at the University of Oklahoma. The Thompson family who started OK Runner in 1995 is one of the most genuine group of people I know.

I ran with the OK Runner singlet for many years and Oklahoma is where I started this blog. The blog has morphed into much more as I've since moved on to North Carolina and now Massachusetts. I decided to keep the name for simplicity's sake and now say the blog is named for me being an "okay runner." I'm not good, not great, just okay.

Over the weekend, Scott Downard (aka Scotty D.) ran the Cowtown Marathon, won it, and was subsequently disqualified. For additional details on why read a Deadspin articleYahoo article, a Star-Telegram article, the Letsrun.com thread, and rumor has it NY Times is inquiring for quotes. I say "ran" because Scotty D. toed the line on a whim and was, more or less, out for a good hard long run. Before I give my impression of Scotty D. or opinion on the matter, I suggest you read his blog about the weekend.

Scotty D. and I trained countless days during my time in Oklahoma. I am also good friends with Jerry Faulkner (aka Jerry's Kids, a nickname I gave him) whose bib was used at Cowtown. We were all at 2009 Oklahoma City Marathon wearing the OK Runner kit. It was a great time, great team and we enjoyed representing the local running store that provided us with the opportunity to work, train and race.

It's completely understandable that Scotty D. had to be disqualified from the race and I won't try to justify his actions. There are rules and they have to be followed. Yes, maybe he should have looked into getting a bib transfer. Yes, maybe he should not have toed the line in the first place. Yes, this whole thing is being blown out of proportion.

However, you have to understand that Scotty D. is the most laid back person you will ever meet and is not one to look for attention. That's not to say he won't get fired up if provoked as I've seen him yell at plenty of drivers who pass too closely. On a couple of occasions I was nearly dragged into an unnecessary scuffle, but that's Scotty D.

He loves to run. He loves following the sport. He loves to drink and brew beer. He loves to travel. He loves to help and pace others. He loves to race. The Cowtown Marathon was just an excuse to do all of these things.

I think it's great that his rebellious actions are being talked about because it continues the Oklahoma Sooner tradition. I can picture Scotty crossing the line, explaining that he was not registered, being told he was disqualified, saying "oh well" and then asking where the beer tent is.

He has run faster than 2:31and won a marathon before. I think this is where all of the attention is coming from as many individuals can never imagine running 2:31 or winning a marathon. It must be so heartbreaking to have those two accomplishments removed for not registering like everyone else. Think of all those hours of training wasted! Think of all that pain endured! All of it was for nothing!

Yes, that is all unfortunate, but not what was important for Scott. Rather, for Scotty D., Cowtown represented the opportunity to do everything he loves. Run. Travel. Pace. Race. And hopefully enjoy a pint.

My congrats go out to Scotty D. and OK Runner for getting some nice publicity!

 Before the 2007 Brookhaven Run sponsored by OK Runner
 Starting the Brookhaven Run
 We cleaned up nicely for Cat and Stu's wedding
Being rebellious and crashing a wedding. Meagan was there too.
 Doing the other thing we like to do.
Solving all the world's problems with Spencer.


Joe said...

I just watched "Good Will Hunting" again the other night. My response to the NY Times would be,

"Cause f*** 'em, that's why"

Mad said...

I approve of the use of an internet meme.