Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day Two

Time: 23:23
Distance: 4.99km
Pace: 4:41/km

I didn't I run .01 farther!? This was my second consecutive streak of running which puts me at 99,211,458 on the list of US citizens tracking their consecutive days of running. In 20 years maybe I could be in the top 100. The thing is, I don't care about the streak. I want to run fast. Running fast means pushing the envelope and experiencing high levels of discomfort. However, I often confuse pain and injury with discomfort.

Today I jogged from our offices over to a field behind a school, but soon left because it was filled with goose shit. It was everywhere! I didn't feel like driving home with shitty shoes, so I opted to run loops around the Beverly High School track. The facility just got a nice upgrade with a field turf grass infield. The track surface is firm but mostly intact. It will make a nice venue for spring/summer workouts.

My hamstring today felt a little better. It's still tight and restrictive, but I'm able to jog with less discomfort than last week. What's strange is that I can do high knees or butt kicks with absolutely no pain. But, if I extend my leg to engage my upper hamstring, I'm immediately reminded of why I can't resume training. My normal stride is a little hampered just when I'm about to plant my right leg. I'm no physio, but that's when your upper hamstring/glute is activated which I can feel.

I'll be getting ART tomorrow to further loosen up my tight leg. I'm taking this one day at a time...

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