Monday, February 20, 2012

Right Direction

Time: 21:21
Distance: 4.51km
Pace: 4:44/km

Hey, hey, hey... I ran today. It wasn't fast or far, but it felt fantastic. (How's that for some lame alliteration)?

I laced them up this President's Day and set off for the only track in Marblehead. It didn't take long to get there but it gave me enough time to take an evaluation of how I'm feeling. I want to run more. I didn't have that awkward sensation that you get after a long layoff. I felt good aerobically (granted I was running slow) and coordinated the entire 10 minutes to the track. After some light drills to help loosen up my hamstring I shuffled home to do some more drills.

The injury is definitely improving, but not at the point where I can resume normal training. I hope to start jogging lightly this week in order to increase blood flow. I'll get ART again this week to assist in the mobility.

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