Monday, February 13, 2012

Schenker to the Front

Time: 38:20
Distance: 7.11 km
Pace: 5:23/km

This afternoon Meagan, the Craft/Karhu GM (@CraftSportsGM) and I left the office for a little jog around the lovely town of Beverly, MA. It's a busy time of the year as people on the Craft side of the business are making the official "buy" for next year. That means if you want to be rocking the coolest baselayers, tights and jackets next fall, then the "buy" must be forecast according. Tension, tension...

We suited up in our running costumes and headed out the door in mild February conditions. I, unfortunately, could not enjoy the run as my hamstring is absolutely killing me. I have a decent range of motion on my right side, but every pull through hurts while weight bearing. The discomfort is high up near the insertion point to my butt (not what you're thinking). I will be getting treatment tomorrow, but I now recognize that this is a little more serious than I thought.

If you're on the Twitter, please follow Eric (linked above) because it's pathetic how few followers he has! (I hope he reads this).

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