Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sir Charles of IKEA

Time: 39:39
Distance: 7.30 km
Pace: 5:26/km

This morning I drove into Boston with the Karhu CEO to run along the Charles River. Our goal was to put in a few kilometers and then scope out a few parking spots near the Boston Marathon finish. I don't want to ruin any brand activation events in April, but we are going to be doing something pretty sweet involving a 24 foot Argosy.

I never really fell into a rhythm on the run for various reasons: (A) it was really cold and windy, (B) we were running slow, (C) my hamstring was hurting as if it were really cold and we were running really slow.

After the run we toured Comm. Ave, Newbury and Boylston Streets, grabbed a coffee and headed to IKEA. I got roped into the Swedish furniture behemoth part, but it was okay since I got breakfast out of it. Did you know they serve breakfast for $1.99!? Free coffee too! I'm not a fan of IKEA, but after learning of their food offerings for rock bottom prices, I could become a convert.

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