Monday, February 27, 2012

Portsmouth to New Castle

Time: 35:33
Distance: 8.01km
Pace: 4:26/km

I was in the office most of last week and needed to get back out on the road. I decided to make a route that would take me to all three of the Runner's Alley locations in order to share my love for Balega socks. They are awesome! No really. They are.

My day ended at a coffee shop in Portsmouth which is a town I would consider living in if it were so far away from a major airport. The downtown area is filled with locally owned shops, art galleries and restaurants. It's fun making trips up to visit our footwear developer's office because I get to enjoy the Portsmouth buzz.

At the end of the day I parked near the library and changed into my running costume. I wanted to put in a few kilometers to kill time before driving back to MA in order to get Meagan from the airport. I ran from near downtown out to New Castle which was founded in something like 1623. I did the run a couple of years ago during a winter sales meeting. I'll have to come back fully healthy and complete the loop.

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