Saturday, February 25, 2012

Testing the Hammy

Time: 36:23
Distance: 8.21km
Pace: 4:26/km

Today's run was crazy windy! I witnessed garbage cans being blown everywhere (for some reason Marblehead does Saturday pickup?) screen doors crashing and white caps out in the harbor. I started my run by heading over to the 1974 Argosy trailer that Karhu purchased for a launch of shoes. Keep an eye out for it at the Boston Marathon.

I then headed back around the to the trails and wound through the neighborhood looking for about 35 minutes of running. It felt good to be out and open the legs up. I tried doing some drills at the track, but the wind kept blowing me over while standing on one leg. I opted to head back to the fort and finish with some light dynamic stretching.

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