Friday, February 8, 2013

Bagged Workout

Time: 86:04
Distance: 20.14 km

W/u: 28:16 for 6.01 km
W/o: Run at a hard effort for Meagan
C/d: 45:57 for 11.05 km

Meagan and I jogged from the house over to near the Marblehead Neck to start a section of hard running. I didn't have a particular distance in mind, but given the really windy weather I figured we would do something like: 5km at 3:50/km, 5km at 3:45/km, 5km at 3:40/km or faster. I just wanted her running hard for a sustained period of time.

3:52.9, 3:48.3, 3:53.2 and then called it a day. 11:53 and 3.08 km

I gave Meagan the out on this one thinking we would be able to hit the gym tomorrow for a treadmill workout (more on that later). We were still hitting the splits but the effort was really elevated running into a brisk headwind across the causeway. I was doing my best to block the wind, but the gusts were too much. The point of the workout was to be running hard, but in the relaxed fast mindset. The weather just wasn't what it needed to be to accomplish the task.

Instead, we looped the Neck and sprinted the uphill sections and did a couple long pick ups with the wind at our back.

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