Saturday, February 2, 2013

Emily's 30th Birthday

Time: 130:32
Distance: 30.84 km
Pace: 4:14/km

Today's run was in celebration of Emily Kroshus' birthday and to make it even more memorable we ran 30k with a 30 minute tempo section. Meagan gives a better recap of the run so I'll direct you over to Green Lightning Running to read all the delicious, hilly and poorly communicated details.

The splits of the tempo section were:
3:45.1, 3:42.8, 4:01.0, 3:38.3, 3:49.3, 3:42.8, 3:50.6, 3:25.2 for 29:55.1 and 8 km total.

The effort on all of the splits was about the same, but the pace fluctuated wildly due to the terrain. Meagan ran hard throughout working the uphill and practicing her downhill skills.

We ran easy for a section while looking for Terry and then the pace picked back up the final few miles running back to Emily's. I was pretty tired toward the end of the run, but feeling like I had made good use of the faster sections. My legs are still a little beat up from the 16 miler last Sunday which became apparent trying to press the hills in the Arboretum.

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