Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blizzard 2013

Time: none
Distance: none

Today was an unplanned day off due to Blizzard 2013. It was a good thing that I made the decision on Thursday to race back to Salem and arrive at 2 AM on Friday morning. I'm always a little skeptical of the weathermen in this area because it always seems they are less than 50% correct with their predictions. This time, however, they got it right.

The snow started falling around noon on Friday and didn't let up until today at 3 or 4 PM. There was a driving ban in effect and it's a good thing I waited over 30 minutes to find a spot in the parking garage because the lot outside our house is impassable. Running outside in the blizzard was an option, but I didn't want to fight the wind or have to worry about blowing up my achilles. Meagan and I assumed that the YMCA would be open and we could jump on a treadmill, but that wasn't the case. Everything is closed. Life Alive, the overly healthy restaurant downstairs, didn't even open on Friday and won't reopen until Sunday. My favorite joint, Gulu-Gulu, that is here to serve the people of Salem was essentially forced to close.

I guess today was one of those unexpected days off that can be a drag but also help the body and mind recover. I did a whole lot of nothing in terms of running, but I did a little bit of cleaning around the house and watched The Master.

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