Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Meagan's Wave Tempo

Time: 78:07
Distance: 19.15 km

W/u: 21:09 for 4.55 km
W/o: 13 km wave tempo alternating 3:30/km and 4:00/km
C/d: 7:56 for 1.59 km

Meagan and I set out for a workout calling for alternating kilometers at a little faster than 10 mile pace and an quicker recovery pace. I'm sick with some sort of cold that makes my nose run, but I can still breathe. I feel a little run down, but good enough to pull Meagan along for a workout like this.

We warmed up enough to get somewhat warm and started the effort by the Hawthorne Hotel. I had forgotten that I had prescribed this workout in her build up to the Philly Marathon which she absolutely crushed. She actually ran 13 km and then tacked on a hard 3 km effort after. Today, due to the cold, we would start with one of the quick recovery pace efforts.

3:54.7, 3:31.2, 3:56.6, 3:32.9, 3:59.9,
3:29.5, 3:58.0, 3:29.5, 4:03.5, 3:34.5,
4:03.6, 3:32.2, 3:56.4 for 49:02.4 and 13.01 km.

Given the cold weather, we'll take it. She was running hard on tired legs and I'm not concerned that it was a little slower than the last time she did the workout. I could tell Meagan was working hard but very much in control. On the other hand, I felt terrible. My hands were freezing and I was having a hard time getting warm. I think it is due to being a little sick. Once the workout was over I immediately ran home which is why the cool down is so short.

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