Friday, September 9, 2011

Asheville Highways

Time: ~35 minutes
Distance: ~8k

I had a lovely stay at the Red Roof Inn to extend my Asheville trip for another day. In the morning I was out the door searching for a decent place to run. I probably should have driven to a trail head, but I couldn't justify it for my 30 minute run. I opted to run up the highway and into the neighborhoods that appeared to be up the hill. It wasn't the safest of runs, fortunately the roads were pretty quiet. I definitely climbed several hundred feet and couldn't help but feel left out of the Blue Ridge Relay.

I finished up having covered just over 35 minutes based on my Timex non-digital watch. My foot didn't feel great, but it has felt much worse. I was sure to stretch and massage pretty well afterward just to clean up any tightness.

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