Friday, September 23, 2011

Hot One in Austin

Time: ~88 minutes
Distance: ~20k

I flew down to Austin to meet with TGA bossman and discuss business. We had a good lunch at Taco Deli, some good coffee at Juan Pelota and browsed around Mellow Johnny's. If you don't know Mellow Johnny's then you don't know Austin or the yellow jersey. Later in the evening we suited up in our costumes, him in spandex, me in short running shorts to go out and elevate the heart rate.

When in Austin for only a few days, it is almost obligatory to run along Town Lake. I made two loops from Paul's house around the crowded dirt paths. It's always a good time to be out with the fitness crowd, but at the same time annoying when three trophy wives pushing baby joggers block up the flow of traffic.

I was just getting close to Paul's house where I would call it a day when Mr. Perrone comes charging my way. I was on the brink of bonking, but I couldn't turn down the opportunity to get in some additional distance. I turned around and shuffled on for an additional 20 minutes which pushed my total distance and time to levels I haven't seen in weeks. My foot was feeling good so I wasn't going to complain with being able to run respectable again.

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