Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jog and Treatment at McAlpine

Time: ~20 minutes
Distance: ~5k

Dr. Greenapple came through huge time and treated me out at McAlpine in the evening. He has been helping out the Ardrey Kell HS cross-country team and was out there holding a stopwatch for the JV boys. I jogged around on the Footlocker course trying to judge where my foot was at while looking for the doc. I eventually spotted a team in purple on the final mile of the course running some 800m repeats.

When the practice was over I followed the doc to his car where he pulled out a portable acupuncture kit. He treated me over by the kids so they could see a little more about what he does. I was comfortable with being pinned outdoors as I'm ready to be done with this foot pain.

After the treatment I ran a few strides with Dr. Greenapple closely watching my form. I made mention that my right foot is landing on the lateral side and twisting through toe off. He noticed the same thing and tried to come up with a couple explanations for it. I hope next week I'll be able to have a few more sessions as doc didn't think there was too much wrong with my foot.

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