Saturday, September 17, 2011

West Stride Group Roun

Time: 72:46
Distance: 16.01k
Pace: 4:32

West Stride is owned and operated by Genie Beaver who is the niece of the legendary Arkansas coach John McDonnell. Her store always hosts group runs for the local clubs and invites her vendors to attend to show product and promote events. Meagan was there for a Karhu and Craft test run and to give out some free entries to the 13.1 Atlanta race in a few weeks. The group was going various distances and I was just going to tag along with however far Meagan was running. With my foot feeling a little better, I was feeling confident that I could handle the distance if it didn't get out of hand.

The top group of runners formed and we were all wearing Karhu kicks. There was Dieter who works at West Stride, Andrew who is going to be the bear in the "beat the bear" competition in a few weeks, a local high schooler trying the shoes for the first time, Meagan and me. We decided on a 10 miles loop that included a few big climbs in some of the nice neighborhoods of Atlanta. I was pretty pleased that my foot was fine for the most part. I could tell it wasn't 100 percent, but there wasn't any major discomfort when toeing off. I was glad to get in a solid 16k run (10 miles) for the first time in a few weeks without experiencing slight pain.

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