Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Marblehead Neck

Time: 82:39
Distance: 18.84k

W/u: 20:29 for 4.27k
W/o: 6 x 3 min uptempo, 1 min easy, 1 min hard, 1 min easy
C/d: 26:37 for 5.40k

Meagan is in a 6 week phase that is designed to gain fitness, keep her healthy and stay fresh until we start more specific marathon training in early November. That will leave her with all of November, December and two weeks of Jan. to be in top form for the Olympic Trials. This workout took place out on the neck of Marblehead which is a rolling ~3400m loop. I wanted Meagan running 10k to half-marathon pace for 3 minutes followed by a minute of easy running, followed by a minute of mile to 5k pace running with another easy minute jog. The recovery was short and consistently moving, but nothing that would take her to the well. The rolling course would affect the pace we were running, but fartlek workouts are all about effort and not hitting specific splits.

#1 - 3:37 pace (840m), 4:41 pace (216m), 3:24 pace (302m), 4:48 pace (213m)
#2 - 3:27 (873m), 5:16 (194m), 3:19 (308m), 4:52 (208m)
#3 - 3:32 (857m), 5:08 (201m), 3:23 (297m), 5:19 (194m)
#4 - 3:36 (840m), 4:34 (225m), 3:34 (288m), 5:09 (199m)
#5 - 3:31 (858m), 4:54 (207m), 3:18 (310m), 5:44 (177m)
#6 - 3:41 (817m), 5:25 (188m), 3:01 (338m)
35:33 for 9.17k total and 3:53 average

I felt good on the run and was happy to provide assistance as pace setter. My foot is fortunately holding up these days on my runs. I can tell it's not 100 percent, but I'm able to run an decent amount so as to not be 200 lbs (that is a goal of mine one day). I have not immediate plans to start doing my own workouts so I will mostly be dragging Meagan around a few times a week.

Read Meagan's recap here.

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Jilane said...

Be careful with advertising all this male pace setting. You're putting MRN's world records in jeopardy.