Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mountain Meetings

Time: 20-25 minutes
Distance: 5-6k

I had a meeting in Hickory with the GM of Balega Sports today and then an appointment in Black Mountain with a guy who is opening a running store. I had never been to Black Mountain before and really liked the small town mountain feel. I got to spend some time at the Dripolator drinking the black stuff before continuing on to Asheville. After a quick visit to Jus' Running, I laced up the boots for a short run from the shop. I ran near the university and into a few of the neighborhoods. My foot wasn't feeling terrible, but it still has some lingering discomfort.

After my visit with Dr. Greenapple who didnt' think the foot looked that bad, we thought it would be best to run a little just to get some blood flow to the area and perhaps strengthen the muscles. Oh how I love 20 minute runs.

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