Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ms. Dullard

Time: 61:01
Distance: 13.22k
Pace: 4:37

I think Meagan was tired of running Medium Loops and wanted a slight change of scenery which brought us into the Dilworth neighborhood. Big change right? She was convinced that if we ran from our house, across Freedom Park, around the 2 mile Speed Loop and back that it would be at least 9 miles. We were trying to calculate it carefully so that I keep my foot in check and not get carried away.

My Garmin while occasionally inaccurate can still hold its own. We had only covered 5k when we hit Rebecca's house (Meagan was calling those warm ups 4 miles) and then we added on the 2 miles around the popular tempo loop. A confused MRN couldn't figure out how this run takes her 70 minutes on occasion and that there is no way it was only 8 miles. She thought of every factor that could make the run longer than it was trying to convince me that she doesn't overestimate her distance. After 30+ minutes of confusion she realized that she normally runs all the way through Freedom Park to meet Caitlin before continuing back to Dilworth. Mystery solved for the dullard.

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