Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blue Ridge Listening

Time: 40:41
Distance: ~9k

I was sitting around the house getting ready to watch some football when I sent a text to Compton asking if the was around. I wanted to hear about the race and how they ended up losing to the Asheville Collective by 3 minutes when the Charlotte Running Club team was only 28 seconds back with 2 legs to run. He said he was just sitting down to eat at Bad Daddy's with Jaskot.

I laced up my shoes and was off to meet them for some social interaction. It took me just over 20 minutes to arrive and they were just finishing up paying the bill. I heard all about the race as I sat there in my running clothes which was in major juxtaposition to the dude in a Steelers jersey. After hearing about Blue Ridge for 10-15 minutes I was off to finish up the second half of my run. I ran into AJ at the end of Freedom Park and ran with him for about a half mile.

My foot was actually in a decent place today. I have been wearing a pair of inserts in my shoes for the last 3 or 4 runs which I think has been helping the twisting motion. The injury is definitely getting better, but it's been a slow go.

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