Saturday, September 24, 2011

Run & Crash

Time: ~70 minutes
Distance: ~16k

I got up and out the door for two more loops around Town Lake this morning. It was crowded as ever out on the path with all the fitness fanatics getting in some more workouts. I returned back to Paul's for a relaxing end of the morning. I was just settling in to read some blogs and watch some football when I got a call from Paul asking me to come pick him up. He gave me the address and I was off to find the bossman.

Paul had left this morning for a 60 mile ride with a group that meets every weekend. He was scheduled to return around noon so it was little surprise when he called asking for a ride. I figured he had gotten a flat and didn't have a spare tube. Turns out that he had crashed and was posted up on the corner of the sidewalk flat on his back. The neighboring inhabitants had come outside to take care of Paul giving him ice and a bag of peas for his shoulder.

I helped to the Sprinter van and put his bike in the back for a quick drive over to Jack & Adam's. We wanted advice on which ER to visit for the best service. Paul wasn't convinced anything was broken, but just thought his shoulder was dislocated. The reception at the ER was to be expected. They quickly took down Paul's info and shuffled him back to see a doctor. I waited out front watching football, reading Twitter and looking at Facebook on my phone. A couple of hours later Paul comes out with a sling on his arm and a diagnosed broken clavicle.

What went from being a fantastic Saturday afternoon quickly turned into me caring for Pablo and making sure he wasn't in too much pain. He rallied to get some pizza and beer at Home Slice, a local favorite. I'll remember this day when roadies or triathletes try to get me on a bike. No thanks!

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