Sunday, September 18, 2011

US Whitewater Center

Time: ~15k
Distance: ~72:00
Pace: 4:59

Meagan dragged me out to the Whitewater Center to go running with Megan Hovis, Jason Martin and Chris Lamperski. I forgot to start my watch for the first few minutes of the trail as we snaked back into the woods single file. I was a little nervous about running on the trails with my foot but it turned out for the best. Somehow the girls got dropped about 25 minutes into the run and the boys were free to talk about football, beer, guns, and why Mila Kunis would make the perfect wife.

I was happy to have survived the run as the last time out to the Whitewater Center this happened:

April 23rd: Raced a 12k trail race out at the National White Water Center. It had rained the night before so the single track trails were a little muddy. I wore LunarRacers which was quite possibly the worst choice for this type of race (I still think trail shoes suck, except Inov8). I actually threw out the shoes after the race (might have been the pair I won Oklahoma City Marathon with). I fell 3 times during the race after opening up a minor gap on Ben Hovis. We had a bit of a sprint finish to the end, but I prevailed earning a trip for two to any Sandals Resort in the Caribbean. My punishment was that I couldn't walk after the race. My leg shut down and I hobbled up to accept my award with a walking stick Ben found me in the woods.

I was tempted to run a little extra but called it a day upon returning to the parking lot. I was smart and brought a change of clothes with a towel. I got a quick shower before hanging out with Karin by the zip lines while waiting for the girls and Chris to finish up their runs.

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