Thursday, September 1, 2011

Running with Chris Farley

Time: 60:40
Distance: 12.79k
Pace: 4:44

I ran with Chris Farley this morning. Not the Chris Farley that you are thinking of, but the one who owns the Pacers Running Stores in DC. He ran at UVA back in the day and still finds the time to put in some miles. Meagan and I met him at his place in Rosyln for a loop of his choosing. Just as we arrived he ran back inside and didn't come out for several minutes. Turns out that he was snagged by Matt Centrowitz Sr. because Jr. was running in the semi-finals of the World Championships. I was a little disappointed that I missed the race, but was happy to hear the US 1500m champ made it to the finals.

Our run was a great way to bond as this was really first time I got to chat with Chris. We talked all things in the running industry including the news that Finish Line purchased another big running store chain. I had little where I was on the run but occasionally noticed familiar sites. Meagan and I wish we could run with more store owners like this as it truly is the best way to connect with an account. If you're a store owner out there and you're looking to get in some miles, give us a buzz.

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