Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bagged Workout

Time: 48:02
Distance: 10.91 km

W/u: 19:39 for 4.18 km
W/o: 3 x 2 mile in 11:20, 11:15, 11:10 (w/ 4 min recovery); 4 x 400 in 80, 79, 78, 77 (w/ 1 min recovery)
C/d: 23:20 for 5.31 km

Tonight's workout with Meagan was going to be a tough one on the Topsfield crushed gravel path. It called fro 3 x 2 miles with some 400s to finish up. We discovered that the trail was in pretty good condition except for a few patches of leftover snow from the most recent snow storms. I made the decision to shorten the workout to 3 x 3k w/ 3 min recovery. The wind would be a factor on the way out and a boost on the second half of each interval.

Meagan seemed to be ready to put things in place for a strong effort, but we soon found out that it wasn't meant to be. She sounded really strained the first 1400m of the first interval and we called off the effort just as we were going to turn around. I had wanted her to hit splits of 3:32-3:33/km on the opening 3k and we can through in 3:34. It wasn't a terrible split considering the wind and softer surface, but Meagan just didn't sound right. I could tell she wasn't really in control and we opted to bag the workout for tomorrow morning.


We cooled down and called it a day. Tomorrow will hopefully be a better representation of her fitness.

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