Thursday, March 28, 2013

Meagan's Morning Redemption Workout

Time: 87:11
Distance: 19.34 km

W/u: 21:06 for 4.32 km
W/o Target: 3 x 2 miles at 3:32-3:33/km to start and getting faster (4 mins rest), 4 x 400m at sub-80 secs
W/o Actual: 2 x 2 miles, 2k, 4 x 400
C/d: 12:57 for 2.56 km

It was time to attempt this workout again after yesterday evenings lackluster performance. Meagan and I were out the door early for a warm up to the Hawthorne Hotel. She seemed ready to put forth a good workout with me playing queenmaker.

3:30.4, 3:33.0, 3:30.8, 46.2, (4:01);
3:30.9, 3:30.2, 3:34.0, 44.7, (4:01);
3:31.1, 3:28.3, (4:01);
79.0 (2:02), 81.0 (2:02), 79.6 (2:01), 78.4

53:08 total for 12.46 km (4:16/km average)

The effort put forth by Meagan was strong, but we needed to make a slight adjustment after the second 2 mile repeat. She was running strong for the first 2-2.5 km, but I could tell that the final interval was more of a struggle. I opted to have her just run a 2 km on the final interval and hit the 400s at the right pace. We finished up with her showing a little closing speed and running hard, but relaxed.

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