Saturday, March 16, 2013

Eric Schenker's Long Run

Time: 114:44
Distance: 23.01 km
Pace: 4:59/km

Meagan and I drove to the Craft and Karhu GM's house this morning for a long run around the back roads of Hamilton, MA. I haven't spend much time up in Hamilton except for a few runs in the woods and the brutal outing that was Gabe's Run. Eric had mapped out a route that would have us linking up with a couple buddies. I think we all had a fun time running on the rolling terrain with little traffic.

We were approaching the finishing mark and I noticed that our pace was hovering around 8:00/mile or so. Eric's silently stated goal for the Vermont City Marathon is to run 3:30 which is roughly 8:15 pace. I think Meagan and I have created a runner.

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