Monday, March 18, 2013

Getting In the Evening Run

Time: 46:58
Distance: 11.65 km
Pace: 4:02/km

Meagan and I headed out the door for our double run tonight but had different agendas. Since our first run this afternoon was quite relaxed, I didn't want another 5:00/km effort. I was gently pushing the pace until I started to pull away very early on. From there I kept the effort what was relaxed but still an honest effort. My legs were feeling good tonight and I wanted to take advantage of the fair weather before the storm.

I ended up finishing back in the neighborhood streets with a long drive for home. I picked up the pace and did a long stride down Chestnut Street to my car which had to be moved since we are getting snow. I'm over snow at this point. Bring spring!

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