Tuesday, June 24, 2008

GT Shape Cutting

Time: 83:08
Distance: 12+ miles

Meagan, Scotty D and I started at the OU track this morning with the GT as our destination. It wasn't too warm nor too windy. We jogged our way out to the track nice and easy in 21:38. After a little stretching and contemplating what Scotty and I were going to do, we got to work. Meagan was instructed to run 8 x 800 in ~3:00 after adjusting for the slower surface and wind, so Dizzle and I decided to cut a shape while she jogged for 400m.

Target: pace Meagan's 800 in ~3:00, launch into a 400m ~75 secs.

Splits: 3:03, 74.4, (67), 2:49, 76.5, (58), 3:02, 74.2, (65), 2:58, 73.8, (68), 3:00, 73.0, (70), 3:02, 71.7, (68), 2:59, 71.5, (71), 2:57, 68.7 for 41:28 total.

Good workout all around. Legs responded nicely. The GT wasn't running particularly fast today, but the wind wasn't too bad. I don't think it had been cut in probably 10+ days and the split marks were difficult to spot, but we made it work. Scotty and I goofed after our first 400 which made the second paced 800 a little fast as we tried to catch Meagan. Other than that the workout went smoothly. After the 400m we would loop back and then pace the 800, so the time between the end of the hard interval and the 800m is listed in (). Scotty ran tough on those 400s which I could respect. It was a little difficult finding the right stride on th
e terrain. It had been quite some time since I'd been out to the GT.

On the way home we ran through Andrew's Park and spotted a mini-water park that we used to our advantage. We had no shame mingling with the 6 and 7 y/o kids that were having a great time. Although my feet were terribly soaked on the remainder of the 20:02 c/d it was well worth it. Once we got back, I did something that I usually never do and that is stretch. Hopefully it helps my right hip loosen up a bit so I can continue this reckless training cycle.

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