Tuesday, October 18, 2011

An Adorning Runner

Time: 63:53
Distance: 12.78k
Pace: 4:59

It was an early awakening from Ozzie and Becky's pad this morning for a run through Central Park. The plan was to meet up with Nick Neely from his Upper West Side apartment at 6:45 AM. There was a comical (at least to me) exchange of text last night that went a little like this:

NN: You in town tomorrow morning? We could meet for a run.
JK: Yea, I'm here. Trying to plan out my schedule for work. I think that sounds nice.
NN: Okay my day is flexible, just let me know. Sorry to miss out on tonight. That said, I ain't much of an adorning runner... Nothings changed.
NN: Fuck.
NN: A morning runner.

I thought adorning runner was quite poetic which fits Nick Neely perfectly as he is currently enrolled in two post graduate writing programs. One is at Hunter College and the other is at Columbia University. Yes, you read that correctly. Two writing programs at the same time at two respectable universities. Fortunately for Neely, he lives in fantasy-land and is able to do stuff that makes us all jealous.

Oz and I showed up a few minutes late, but Neely was surprisingly out the door and awaiting our arrival. He's still wicked tall and has a stride that gobbles up ground. We dropped off Oz near his apartment and then the two of us continued around the park finding more kilometers. It was great catching up with my former Brown teammate and fellow Nor Cal brother. We'll definitely be catching some more runs together if I'm going to be in NYC more frequently and my hope is that he starts training seriously again.

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