Sunday, October 2, 2011

Marblehead Long Run

Time: 89:30
Distance: 21.04k
Pace: 4:15

I had every intention to run last night, but it just didn't happen after returning from the Maine Marathon Expo. The rain kept me from running while I was still up north and upon getting back to Marblehead I was distracted by other activities.

This morning I got up early thinking I was going to be running with Huub, but that didn't materialize due to some rain. I was all set to head out the door with my Gore-Tex jacket on! He ended up opting for yoga which left me to explore town. I ran from his house to our soon to be fort and then did a loop of the neck. I didn't have a specific distance or loop in mind, but it was nice to get in 21k of running. There were lots of people out walking dogs and seeing the harbor never gets old.

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