Saturday, October 15, 2011

Town of Nahant

Time: 1:58:58
Distance: 24:58k
Pace: 4:50

I'm not sure how I was roped into running this long and far, but it's too late now. Meagan, Huub and I set off from the house with the Town of Nahant as our destination. The idea was to run together to the town, run a loop around the road and then Meagan and I were free to pick up the pace.

The first half of the run was into a 20 mph headwind that reminded me of Oklahoma. It was great running right along the water but there was no protection from the wind. The pace was fortunately at a tempo where I was unconcerned with losing precious seconds. There were lots of people out enjoying their Saturday like us. The collection of windbreakers was quite amusing as some people apparently haven't bought a jacket in nearly 20 years. If you go to your closet and you see a big bright Reebok jacket with fluorescent accents, it's time to buy a new one.

The actual Town of Nahant is quite interesting as there really isn't any town center. I think we saw maybe two stores and I'm sure each sells a gallon of mile for $8. Nahant is also apparently where a mob boss lived or lives. We ran by and there were definitely white Lincoln Navigators parked out front and a couple sentries on guard. I maybe have made part of that up.

Once we got back to making a complete loop Meagan and I picked up the pace with the wind at our backs. We ran together for the next 20 minutes before I started to pick up the pace even more. The kilometers from 21-23 were 3:56, 3:46, 3:40 respectively. It was good to open up the legs after consistent 5+ minute kilometers the first 14k.

This could be a good 35+ kilometer training run from the fort that we move into this afternoon. The only question come December-March is the weather.

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