Sunday, October 30, 2011

Breaking from Packing

Time: 69:02
Distance: 15.30k
Pace: 4:31

Meagan, Jeff, Melanie and I all headed up to the Childress Winery yesterday afternoon for the lovely wedding of Brook Starr and Lance Haman. The event was classy and accommodated for the frigid temperatures of an outside ceremony. We ended up staying the night and traveled back to Charlotte this morning only to be dropped off at the U-haul facility to pick up Meagan's VW with a hitch and trailer attached.

The packing started and didn't stop until early afternoon when we decided to get in a run to clear our thoughts. It's amazing how much two people can acquire and how much is absolutely necessary to have. Lots of stuff is being tossed at the dumpster and it's been funny to watch people immediately take home what were formerly our possessions. If we were really savvy the items would have been sold, but time was limited already.

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