Monday, October 17, 2011

The Ozzie Shuffle

Time: 44:17
Distance: 8.97k
Pace: 4:56

I hit up Ozzie last night telling him that I would be in NYC for the evening. He is always down to host a friend and put in the effort for a run. He told me that we should run in Central Park once I got done with all of my work commitments. Perfect.

I arrived at his place around 6:00 PM and there was little time to waste. Monday Nigh Football would be on in a few hours and the fantasy match up of the week pitted Oz vs. Craig. Both had one player in the night's featured game. We were soon off to the park to make some loops around the reservoir at a leisurely pace. Catching up with Oz is a great time as he gets to work on many different projects which have included the Penn Relays with Nike and multiple blowout parties with Jose Cuervo. His most recent gig is with a film festival which I believe is sponsored by AmEx. Not bad right?

The run was good, but just the start to an all around casual but fun night. We headed to Brother Jimmy's with Becky and waited for Craig to arrive from Wall Street. Watching the Dolphins vs. The Jets held little importance to me, but each Craig and Oz had a wide receiver playing on opposing squads. I believe Craig ended up winning the match by 2 points which Oz took in stride. Fun night.

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