Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Three Ladies' Workout

Time: 86:48
Distance: 18.76k

W/u: 26:31 for 5.37k
W/o: 3 mile tempo, 3 x 400m
C/d: 29:04 for 5.87k

Meagan and Caitlin were joined by Pezz and I for a workout consisting of a 3 mile tempo followed by some quick 400s. I was just tagging along to get in a run this morning and opted to jump in. Since the Army 10 Miler is later this week, the workout was on Caitlin's schedule to get her ready to race at sub-6:00 pace.

3:48, 3:38, 3:35, 3:37, 2:47 (761 meters at 3:40 pace),
(5:10 rest)
73.86 (2:24), 72.47 (2:30), 69.21
31:13 total for 7.52k

The first 1k was much too slow as the girls felt like talking about boys, makeup and Sarah's ugly dress. Instead of waiting for the mile marker for all of them to realize they were on pace to run 6:10 (looking for 5:55-6:00), I hit the front and dropped the pace. The talking immediately stopped and the breathing started. I probably kept the pace too hot for the remainder of the workout as we were all much under the intended pace. Oh well.

The 400s were short and easy. It was probably the first time that I've done any sort of speedwork or stride in many weeks. I felt a little awkward at times, but luckily the first 300m are downhill.

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Stephen Spada said...

Nice of you to help the girls out!