Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Greenwich Running Co. Run

Time: 42:08
Distance: 9.33k
Pace: 4:31

I came to Greenwich, CT as the last stop of store visits before driving on to New Haven to stay with a friend from Brown who came through huge time with a couch to sleep on. I knew that Dan Matena who is taking over my role in the Carolinas for TGA was working as the assistant manager of the Greenwich Running Co. which is a part of Gene Mitchell's 18 doors (recently acquired by Finish Line). The store is across the street from where I had my meeting and I stopped in to dig up some dirt on the Aussie.

The store was staffed by some great guys who were all welcoming. We chatted a bit about Dan and his new job and then they asked if I wanted to head out for a 40-50 minute run. I hesitated because I had already put in 80 minutes this morning nice and easy through Rockefeller Park, but I couldn't pass this up. I went to the car and grabbed my gear and soon we were running along the mean streets of Greenwich past million dollar homes and private communities.

I was running with Chris who is the manager and Tim who ran at Iona College. We all knew a lot of the same people who ran in the Northeast during college. The run started to heat up around the 30 minute mark, but luckily Chris calmed the pace as we made the final few turns back to the store. I was glad to get in this run as it was a fun to connect with some fun dudes, but I recognize that my distance for the week is getting out of hand.

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