Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tapping The Rockies

Time: 76:51
Distance: 17.54k
Pace: 5:02

It was an early wake up call, but I suppose it's keeping me honest as I am making the rounds in NY and CT today for work. I got in late last night after a crap workout with Jay Holder's new team in NYC. When Madeleine got up I asked where she was headed for her run. She said The Rockies so there was little chance I was going to pass that up after my run earlier this week that was along a somewhat busy highway.

We arrived at the most amazing trail head entrance not too far from Pleasantville where Madeleine lives. It was drizzling and really dark out. Fortunately, she had a tiny flashlight one of her co-workers had given her recently. We set out on the trail and were saved by the light of that little flashlight. We would have been totally screwed had she not been given it. The sun came up about 20 minutes later making it safer to run along the crushed gravel paths of Rockefeller State Park.

I wasn't concerned about pace and just wanted the time on my feet. It was good to chat with Madeleine as we got to talk about all things running. She's a big running dork as well and updates the Westchester Track Club's website frequently with results. The rain stopped at some point during the run which was key as I only had t-shirt to wear. I'm definitely going to have to come back to The Rockies for a workout sometime this fall before the snow makes the trails too difficult to run on. I'm not about to take up snow shoeing or cross-country skiing.

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